• Chocolate and Personalities

Chocolate and Personalities

Chocolate and Personalities

People often ask me what it is that I do. The answer I give surprises and delights them, for I say, “I have a chocolate factory!”

The Willy Wonka-style reference to a chocolate factory is my tribute to Constantinos Fardoulis. It was his idea and creation, driven by our passion and perseverance, that has become Fardoulis Chocolates. In 1985, when we began our fabulous chocolate journey, I had no idea of how to make chocolate. Tempering, viscosity, enrobing, blooming and couverture — the language of Belgium, Swiss and French chocolate artisans — were unknown to me.

As Constantinos (Willy Wonka) always says: Temperature is ambience! Couverture is pure!

Who would’ve thought a simple game would reveal this insight into these young people’s personality?

At Fardoulis Chocolates, we notice that chocolates can also relate to personality types. This can be very valuable when picking a gift box or hamper for a particular person.

For example, an adventurous, fun-loving, extroverted person may prefer the exotic range of our Party Mix Hamper, while the gentle, friendly, kindly person in your life would be very happy with a box of our handmade Gumnut Gourmet couverture chocolates.

Fast-forward to today, Georgina and Emanuel are now teenagers and beginning to develop the next stage in their personalities. Their success in their studies and friendship with people outside the family are becoming more striking. Georgina’s cleverness and skill in picking up new concepts and Emanuel’s communication skills are making them very popular with their peers.

These traits will hold them in good stead for a bright future!